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Welcome to our home !

Get inside “Matter of Spirit” and know us a little better

Upcoming Events

Come and meet us @ GreenSounds Festival here, in Bucharest, in Herastrau Park !

26-28August, 2016

Event 2 comming up soon!

18August, 2016

Stephen Kruse

Spiritual Artist

    Stephen Kruse is an abstract-geometric painter hailing from Detroit, currently living in the psychedelic a...


Jake Amazon

Spiritual Artist

"I Treat Each Canvas As A Vehicle That Has The Power To Defy Time And Space; Each Brush Stroke Has The Potential To Inscribe The V...


Our Story

Matter of Spirit was born from a big desire to contribute. We want people to see art, to create art and, why not, wear art. We are doing our best in proving that art is capable of elevating the soul, of empowering that “us” inside our bodies and make of this life an experience as beautiful as possible.

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