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We're going to FESPA !!

We're going to FESPA !!


Adrian Dusmanescu

What is FESPA ? fespa-690x350 FESPA Awards is an international printing competition through which is celebrated not only the best print globally but also the people responsible for its creativity and production. The main event takes place on the 10th May at the 5* Grand Elysee Hotel in Hamburg where besides the wine and the live entertainment all-day long, the winners of the FESPA Awards 2017 are announced. FESPA-16---Gala-Dinner-120Why we’re going ? From the very beginning of Matter of Spirit the biggest hustle we had was finding the technology that we could use in making high detail prints on cotton. Time was flying, the pressure was getting higher and higher but we never compromised the quality using other technologies we’ve tested, we were still in the search for that printer with excellent results. Over 2 years ahead we found it and since then we’re using it in making our T-Shirts with happiness. We’ve heard of FESPA from a good friend and quickly decided to join. We thought that this is the best way to test the technology at international level. In December 2016 we were submitting our Entry “Twigs” - our best seller T-Shirt. At the beginning of March, we’ve been announced that we’re on the Shortlist, with only 4 other digital prints and that we should prepare for a medal, because 3 of 5 participants will be on the stage with a prize in their hands. DSC_0753 We chose “Twigs” because the image contains the essence of everything we’re doing. It’s a well known metaphor in which the tree resembles with one’s life. The trunk of the tree is similar with the life of Matter of Spirit project, at this moment. Full of actions, some are ceased, like some twigs in the image, other produce results, they thrive and ramify in healthy directions. The tree is young and the light appears in the background. Exactly as it is for us right now. 3dTshirtsWhat will happen next ? We’re going to Hamburg to win at least one prize, we’re nominated at “T-shirts and other garments” category but also on “People’s Choice Award”, but we’re not going to wait until than to be happy. Just participating as finalists at this international event comes like a crowning for the efforts we’ve made to develop this project to what it is now. We’re celebrating this with a new unique T-Shirt shape for women, a promising fresh Romanian artist and, of course, a brand-new wave of images on T-Shirts. But FESPA is not only about competition. Networking with like-minded professionals, sharing ideas, or speaking about experiences could make everybody see new perspectives. I am saying this because we’re searching for a new technology that allows us to put cooling particles in the fabric. Cross your fingers for us !                         fespa-gala-night

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