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Welcome to our home !

Welcome to our home !


Adrian Dusmanescu

Hi Spirit !

          First, want to thank you for visiting our home, you are welcomed here anytime you want. As you can see, we worked hard on decorating our home for you to feel cozy and enthusiastic because we have a lot of surprises prepared for you (the first one is right at the end of this article). So sit back, relax, enjoy your staying :) Our-home

          Of course we have cookies !

          But most importantly, we’ve got what you want, the amazing T-Shirts that carry the message within. Even if you’re not here for the message, the detailed graphics and rich colours on the T-Shirts will uplift your mood.

          And this is why you love new clothes, right ? They make you feel more comfortable and trusty. Beside that, our T-Shirts can even make the first step for you in letting others know who you truly are and what you stand for, what your interests and passions are, the desires you have and the mood you’re tuned in right now.

You can speak louder now with your mouth closed ヽ(´▽`)/

We love nature !We-love-nature

We love art !We-love-art

          Actually, we love beauty of any kind, we love colours and the game of mixing them, so we’re working with artists from all over the world. Some of them are masters in photographing nature, some get their guidance through painting on canvas while others express their skills through digital painting. Now, the possibilities are infinite so expect nothing less.

          A picture tells a story just as well as, if not better than, a lot of written words. And so, we chose both, art and writing, to make sure that we deliver a powerful message for those of you who want to receive it.

          We would like you to feel it. We would love if you’d live it, of course, only if you do resonate with it.

          Quality first

          It took us 2 years just to find the right technology that is capable of printing high resolution images on a natural fibre on a large scale. And when we finally found it we came across another big obstacle. Materials.

          Here in Romania, the search for high quality materials is not easy. Most merchants present their products being exactly what you are looking for so finding the precise blend you need is a true challenge. We didn’t stepped back though, we started to print on fabric after fabric, testing each of them for resistance after printing and washing. But luck was not our friend that autumn of 2015 and we were just about to crack after we saw that none of them were responding well on basic usage

          Next year in Spring we finally found it ! A 92% cotton blended with 8% polyester fabric that passed all our tests. It really is fantastic to see a printed Cotton based fibre which is not losing colour after several washes.

          And the final result ? We’ve got a nice vibrant T-shirt which does not get enlarged after daily usage or stretched after washing and its colours does not fade. This means that it will live longer !

          Let me introduce myself

          I am Adrian Dusmanescu, the founder of Matter of Spirit lifestyle. Yes, I like to call it a lifestyle, not a business and that’s because every action I do involves passion or calling. Art, nature, travel, dancing, writing, reading, talking, discovering, are just a few of my interests. They all come together smoothly intertwined in a way that comes easy to me, making my “work” feel more pleasurable. But there are also rainy days. I’m a human. AdrianDusmanescu

          Time for a surprise

          I truly appreciate that you spent your time reading this article so I want to reward you. Go to the Store and check out our T-Shirts, decide which one you want to buy and we’re giving you a discount of 15% off the price listed in our shop. This means that for a 49€ T-Shirt you will only pay 41,35€.

          All you need to do is to add the T-Shirt to cart and proceed to the Checkout page. After you enter all your data and select the paying method, type this code in the Promotion Code area "mosarticle15"

          Thanks for your visit, I hope you’ll meet again soon. Until than, please write a comment below with the short answer of this question:

          What would you like to see printed on our T-Shirts ?

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