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Matter of Spirit was born from a big desire to contribute. We want people to see art, to create art and, why not, wear art. We are doing our best in proving that art is capable of elevating the soul, of empowering that “us” inside our bodies and make of this life an experience as beautiful as possible.


As much as we love art, we love the people who create it. It will always be a pleasure for us to meet artists who feel they have a message to the world and that the art is the best way to spread it. We’re eager to empower both young and experience artists and encourage them in producing amazing art. For the youngers, our community can be a great place to start, while the experienced ones will always find any kind of support in Matter of Spirit.


We are a few young people who are in love with the beauty under any form. No matter if it’s about art, nature, people or feelings, we know that beauty provide us love and energy. To have a better clue about what I talk about, take a moment and allow yourself to feel the art. You might notice this is exactly what you need at the moment given.

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